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Incentive Compensation Services

Detailed Plan Design and Costing

With our detailed plan design and costing service, we create a bespoke incentive plan design tailored to your unique business needs and sales goals. We undertake a rigorous process of modeling and financial analysis to ensure that the plan is cost-effective and sustainable.

This task encompasses all the elements outlined in the assessment and thoroughly develops and completes all the particulars of a fresh strategy, which includes:

Salary ranges
Target incentive amounts
Detailed performance measure descriptions
Crediting rules
Payout tables
Commission rates
Timing of measurement and payment

It is an iterative process where we work through the incentive plan designs with a project team in increasing detail over the course of 3-5  meetings. Once all plan details are specified, we conduct a costing analysis to determine the overall incentive cost modeling and financial impact on the organization as a whole and a sample of individuals under different performance scenarios.

We may make further plan adjustments based on the analysis, such as modifying commission rates and payout curves. The result is a final report and a set of plan abstracts outlining all plan details. Communication deliverables are handled separately.