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Incentive Compensation Services

Incentive Plan Assessment

The incentive plan assessment involves a detailed evaluation of your organization's current incentive plans against market standards and best practices. We consider your plans' competitiveness, fairness, motivational impact, and strategic alignment and provide a thorough report detailing their strengths and recommendations for improvement.

During the incentive plan assessment process, the fact-finding stage consists of a combination of the following:

Review of plan documents and communication documents
Review of organization charts, job descriptions, and documents explaining the sales strategy
Analysis of historical pay and performance data to investigate participation, incentive pay dispersion, composition of incentive pay, correlation of pay and performance, and systematic bias
A limited number of interviews with stakeholders in business leadership, sales management, HR, finance, and marketing. These interviews clarify the business objectives to be reflected in the plan, the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the current plan, and ways in which the plan needs to change
A brief web survey of the entire sales force to gather quantitative data on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the plan, as well as suggestions for change
Analysis of total compensation, salary, target incentive, and actual incentive between roles and relative to market pay levels

After conducting our fact-finding phase, we compile and deliver a comprehensive report outlining the plan's strengths and weaknesses and the analysis supporting our conclusions. Additionally, we provide initial high-level plan designs, which detail the total target cash compensation, salary incentive mix and upside, performance measures, incentive form, and timing of measurement and payment for each role. These designs do not include specific plan mechanics or costing details and are subject to change during the detailed design phase. Please note that these initial designs should not be considered a final recommendation.

This sales comp assessment service aims to ensure that your  incentive plans are designed to motivate your sales team and drive desired sales behaviors effectively.