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Hear directly from our satisfied clients about the transformative impact of our consulting services.

"Elliot is an expert in compensation structures and plans. His work for Solugenix Corp was of very high quality. In addition to the technical knowledge needed to design the right compensation plans for the organization, Elliot's experience as a consummate consultant facilitated the smooth communication of the plan. I would highly recommend Elliot for any review, design and rollout of comp plans in a service organization."

Solugenix Corp


“Elliot is that rare person who can do it all to make a sales compensation program successful – from grasping the strategic business issues, analyzing facts and data, developing creative solutions, articulating implementation requirements, and communicating it all to the critical stakeholder audiences. He can do this because he is gifted in thinking and writing as well as quantitative modeling; he draws on years of experience with clients in various stages of their growth cycle, in a wide array of industries that employ complex sales channels in their go-to-market strategies. Because of this, his recommendations are based on facts and experience, and he is able to build a business case that clients can use to seek approval for change. He can further assist them in their change efforts when implementing new programs because he is such an effective communicator. In addition, he is a pleasure to work with, because he never shirks work or accountability, while maintaining an affable and relaxed demeanor.”



“I had the pleasure of working with Elliot on the design of a new compensation plan for our sales force when we went through a major reorganization. His ability to understand our business quickly and his attention to detail was a real asset to the entire team. The new compensation plan has been very successful and used as a model in the redesign of our European sales organization.”



“Elliot is a consummate professional, results orientated and highly customer focused. Elliot has extensive expert knowledge in Sales Compensation & Market trends. Elliot worked extremely well in a short time frame to understand our business needs and ensured the project finished on time and on budget and continued post project to ensure the project was a success.”



“Elliot completed a comprehensive market study/custom survey on sales incentive plans for our Consumer Healthcare Division. The study was very well received by the senior sales management team and resulted in us making some critical changes to the plan design. Elliot's expertise was much appreciated.”



“Elliot has strong design and analytical skills and was able to build rapport with management by understanding key strategies and communicating effectively. He is responsive and tailors solutions to client needs.”



“Elliot brings a wealth of subject matter expertise and effectively applies it in a context of corporate priorities and initiatives. Working with Elliot has enabled us to effectively develop new sales incentive solutions. The collaborative approach of co-creating solution with the organization has enabled effective implementation”



“Elliot's workshop on the theory and practice of sales incentive compensation theory and practice was highly engaging and informative. It was a great opportunity to share and test ideas and it put our sales compensation planning on a good trajectory."



“Elliot shared his vast experience generously. The training was very well structured, with a clear methodology and perfect materials.”

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


“The presentation slides are the best I have even seen for the following reasons:

  1. The fonts are easy to read.
  2. The designs of slides are reader-friendly.
  3. The materials are organise in a systematic and logical order.
  4. The right amount of content. It is not too brief that make people cannot recall the concepts after re-read in future. It is concise and informative. (not many presenters can strike the balance)

I enjoyed the class very much.”

Folec Communications, Brunei


"Elliot was masterful at simplifying a complex sales compensation plan in a short amount of time. When our direction shifted unexpectedly, Elliot regrouped quickly and offered sage solutions. Elliot is a pro and delivered great perspective and value to our design team project."

First Energy Solutions


"Elliot's work is succinct and his ability to understand the business drivers in a quick manner are second to none. We worked with Elliot to devise a sales compensation strategy that he was able to turn around in rather short order after building a model that demonstrated his complete understanding of where revenue is generated in our business. He knows when to drive the discussion to a logical outcome and ensures understanding along the way. He is truly a master of the art of sales compensation."

Ascension Health


"I had the opportunity to partner with Elliot, when in my capacity as CHRO, I needed to hire a sales compensation consultant to help us create a new sales incentive plan to more effectively incentivize performance among our salesforce. Elliot worked with us to pulse key stakeholders for an internal scan, pulled together external market and industry trends in effective sales incentive plan design, and then worked with us to scope out a set of optional configurations for review against prior year in-house salesforce data, and ultimately select the right plan configuration for us. Elliot worked so closely with our team throughout the process - his talent and capability is unquestionable; really. The results were impressive every step of the way and the outcome is awesome. But what made the process such a success was his pragmatic, data-oriented, and attentive approach. He never hesitated to quickly answer a follow-up, was always keen to weigh in on points where perspectives would diverge, and truly, I don't think we would have had near the success we did had it not been for his partnership. Today, we presented the final product to our salesforce, and I could not be more confident that we landed with the best possible SIP design for our company's needs in this moment. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to partner on SIP rollout - and would work with him again in a heartbeat!"

New York Magazine


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Elliot on a sales compensation program. He was incredibly easy to work with and quickly came up to speed on a highly specialized business. The comp plans he developed and presented to top management were insightful and helped accomplish all of our objectives for the project. I would definitely use Elliot’s services again in the future!"

Lapine, Inc.