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Sales Effectiveness Services

Sales Process Assessment and Design

Our sales process assessment and design service evaluates your existing sales processes and identifies areas for improvement.

This analysis seeks to quantify how a changed sales process design will affect the various drivers of sales productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency:

Lead stream

Close ratios

Average sale value

Overall cost of sale

Customer churn

The sales process assessment is explained in more detail in the attached presentation and can be summarized as follows:

Conduct interviews and ride-alongs to define the current sales process and identify productivity issues

Model current sales process in Excel. Inputs may include:

  • Account Responsibility
  • Role involvement at each step
  • Time per step
  • Lead attrition (close ratio at each step)
  • Sales capacity and time allocation
  • Mix of sale types
  • Average sale value

Identify potential sales process improvements and interventions

Model the effect of interventions on sales effectiveness and efficiency

Evaluate and select sales process improvements to implement or pilot